Mucki Mutz® Dog Wear
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About Us


We are a family company based in Stirlingshire, Scotland. We design and make bespoke, hand-made luxury dog coats and accessories from quality fabrics such as Fleece, Tartan (Plaid), Neoprene, Supplex®/Lycra® and 'Harris Tweed' to help keep your dog clean, dry and stylish whilst outdoors. Available in a range of stunning designs and colours.

Benefits of Mucki Mutz® Dog Wear


If used and worn correctly, our Dog Coats will significantly reduce the amount of dirt and water from getting on to your dogs body and everywhere else - especially during rainy walks! This will make their walk / run far more comfortable and enjoyable as well as reducing the need for baths / showers after walks - see video below

Fitting Guide

The videos below show how quick and easy it is to fit one of our Mucki Mutz® Body Suits to your dog.


Fabric Options

Fleece (known for its wicking properties) - fully breathable, stretchable and rainproof

Fashion Tartan (Plaid) fabrics - rain proof

Neoprene - waterproof

Supplex® / Lycra®

'Harris Tweed'cloth

Original Clan Tartans

Fleece Fabrics

Tartan Fabrics

Waterproof Fabrics

'Harris Tweed'

Supplex® / Lycra®