The 'Basic' Range

The 'Basic' Range

from 18.00

This new Mucki Mutz® ‘Basic’ range is all about no frills simplicity, value for money and ease of purchase and is based on our Body Suit - our most popular product!

We have designed this range for those who don’t want the stress of having to measure or pick colour combinations. Simply select the colour and size from a set range of popular colours and thats it!. The Basic Range benefits from lower costs and next day dispatch but with the same level of quality that you will find in our bespoke ranges!

Being based on the Full Body Suit, this garment covers the majority of the dog’s body and does not restrict the dog in any way from performing natural bodily functions. This coat provides the maximum effect in terms of warmth, comfort and protection from the elements.  

  • Available in Fleece fabric.

  • Available in a set range of colours which are selected during checkout (see below). All coats come with a standard black trim and non-embroidered label.

  • Very easy to fit with no belts, buckles or buttons.

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